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8 Tips for Shooting Better Portraits

I always enjoy hearing non-photographers tell budding photographers that they have “an eye” for photography. It’s always out of love and support, but they’re totally wrong. I think that people who pick up a camera and try new stuff will land some winners once in a while. It’s usually luck. If they’re really good at what they’re doing, they’ll realize what it is about that photo that made it good and does it again later. They’ll build on each new discovery every day and eventually they’ll actually develop into a really great photographer.

It takes hard work and humility to get there. Here are 8 tips you can start using in your work that will quickly move you in the right direction.

⌚00:53 // Don’t look right at the camera
⌚02:47 // Experiment with light
⌚05:52 // Find a different perspective
⌚07:50 // Focus on details
⌚09:43 // Use props to engage the subject
⌚10:54 // Explore other expressions
⌚12:40 // Use movement
⌚14:41 // Use wide-angle lenses

Show me your photos

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