Andrea + Brian get married at TBS Ranch

The wedding story for Andrea and Brian at TBS ranch started out like most. But I knew right away that these two are people on a level above most. When the schedule started to slip, they both stayed calm, they both stayed happy with an extra helping of gratitude and grace. I bring this up because not long after their wedding, they lost their home in the Camp Fire.

I first learned that they lost their home from Tina at TBS Ranch. She told me that they declined to get their damage deposit back and suggested Tina give it to someone else who was in greater need. Amazing! In chatting with them about their situation, they are the real deal. After losing everything, they are staying positive and are willing to be generous. That takes a special breed of people. I could only hope to have a fraction of their grit and character if I were to go through all of that.

It’s with great joy that I get to share a sampling of their wedding photos.


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