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Lauf Family at Turtle Bay Arboretum

I say this every year and I’ll continue to say how cool it is to literally see a family grow up and be theone to shoot their family photos every step of the way. The first time before the twins were born. Then a gender reveal and yearly there after. This time though, DJ brough […]

Francesca Basquez Family Shoot in Anderson

Francesca had her whole family in town for her daughters wedding, so we got together at the Gaia the day before to a fun session. With her family spread accross the country, she wanted to capitilize on the opportunity for photos. We met in the late evening to catch all of the delicisious golden autumn […]

Cottonwood Engagement Shoot with Nina and Hawk

Originally scheduled on a summer day that turned out to be well over 100 degrees in the valley, we called it in favor of this cooler morning. If everyone is hot and uncomfortable, the photos would look the same. I’ve known Nina and Hawk for a few years now, so they we were able to […]

Red Bluff Maternity Shoot | Breanna Weston at Ide Adobe

Motherhood is such a beautiful part of life. Mother’s sacrifice a lot bringing children into the world and then raising them into adulthood. It’s a thankless job, so it’s my honor to take pictures of this special time. At near term, Breanna Weston was looking great with that eagerness of expectation for their 3rd son. […]

A Chico Wedding Film | Lakeside Pavilion

In typical summer in Norcal fashion, it was a warm day but beautiful day at the Lakeside Pavilion. A little oasis of shady green trees along California Park Lake. It was a beautiful wedding marked by a lot of love and family support. The highlights for me were all the non-traditional events that happened. For […]

Jessica and Tyler Elope at the San Francisco City Hall

On my home turf around the Redding area, I shoot a lot of outdoor weddings. Vineyards, barns and garden terraces are the norm. So getting the opportunity to head down the the San Francisco City Hall and shoot Jessica and Tyler’s elopement was a real treat. The architecture is stunning. It’s bustling with activity, it […]

Stop Pushing a “First Look” on Brides

Traditionally a bride and groom don’t see each other at all on their wedding day until that moment when the bride comes walking down the isle. All that planning and prep ends in that climax where it all comes together and you’re getting married. It’s emotional. It’s amazing! More recently, it’s become popular to do […]

Mount Shasta Resort Wedding in the Rain

I have a lot of empathy for couples planning their wedding. Sometimes many months in advance, they’re laying down plans. Making decisions. One of them was to plan their wedding in Mid-May when the weather is usually very reliable. It rained, a lot. It was cold and the best part was how well everyone wore […]

Do you Shoot with Front-fill Flash?

After a long hiatus from podcasting, it’s time to get this train moving again. I used to self-host the show right here on my website with the Podlove plug-in which was nerdy and fun, but it took much effort to get the show published. That extra friction slowed me down and eventually, I stopped publishing. […]

Tasha and Brian’s Engagemet Shoot in Redding

The cool Spring weather has been holding on, so we were blessed with a light breeze and some thin high clouds to take the edge off the sun. I used this cute little park tucked in a neighborhood in the Enterprise area which was perfect. We had green grass, shaded benches and beautiful redwood and […]