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I’m Starting Over // Photography Vlog

I really enjoy looking behind the curtain to learn how things really work. On the surface, things can often look easy and that’s usually untrue. So I want to bring you guys back around to see what it’s like to be a professional wedding photographer. It will be a kind of come up story. I’ve been […]

Random Photographer’s Website Critique

Can I get a show of hands, how many photographers have websites? Okay, okay. How many of you photographers with websites are web developers/designers? Probably fewer still. So let’s talk about how to make your website better by critiquing a random photographer’s website “live” on video. I literally picked Reno, Nevada out of my head […]

Mandie ❤ Tyler Wedding // Oak Run Wedding

Just when you think you’ve shot 100+ weddings and you’ve seen it all, something new pleasantly surprises you. See Tyler and Mandie are both into cars in a major way. So their wedding basically included a little car show. Mandie rocked a beautiful gold wedding gown which was just stunning in the sunlight. The gold […]

Diablo Grande Wedding // Cassandra + Dylan Krolczyk

This has been a wedding season for the books. When you plan a wedding, you don’t really think about how a wildfire 100 miles away will affect it. The ‘Camp Fire’ that destroyed Paradise, CA was blowing smoke all the way down to the Diablo Grande County Club. Thankfully, it wasn’t so thick that it […]

Andrea + Brian get married at TBS Ranch

The wedding story for Andrea and Brian at TBS ranch started out like most. But I knew right away that these two are people on a level above most. When the schedule started to slip, they both stayed calm, they both stayed happy with an extra helping of gratitude and grace. I bring this up […]

The Perfect Wedding Schedule

Over the years I’ve seen many brides go into their wedding day thinking that the key to getting great photos comes down to the perfect makeup, perfect weather and having the best locations. They’re important, yes.  Often overlooked though, is having enough time in the schedule. On the surface, it’s clear you need to have […]