Betsy Erickson of Essence Photography

Betsy Erickson from Essence Photography

I think the best way to bring value to new photographers who want to make a living creating with their camera is to bring on people who have built successful businesses. In the Redding area, Betsy Erickson who runs Essense Photography is that person to talk to.

I met together in her studio to chat her up. We dug into her philosophy about being grounded in the community. Both her clients and fellow photographers. We went deep about how she took her business in 2009 from nothing to opening her studio and hiring a team of associate photographers, videographers and retouchers.

My biggest take away was patience. She’s been a pro for 9 years and it took 8 years to get to the point where she was able to open her studio and do everything she’s doing today. You’ve got to work hard today like you’re going to turn that corner tomorrow but have patience and the expectation that it will take many years (yes years) of work to be successful.

You can find her main website at if you’d like to hire her for your wedding or check out to see their studio and team(army) of photographers!

PS. This was the first time I’ve recorded an interview on location and had a few technical issues, so there are a few sections of the podcast with pretty bad sound quality. Luckily the wisdom that Betsy is giving us for free almost makes it go unnoticed. Thanks, and Enjoy!

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