California Model Shoot

I wouldn’t really describe my current creative state as stuck, a place I’ve found myself many times in the past. Sitting a little bit above neutral, I set out with a couple other local photographers to collaborate on a gritty shoot with some friends to model for us. There is just something pure when there isn’t a client to be accountable to. We can control every detail and take things further than I normally can. It was really invigorating. I was an infusion I didn’t know I needed.

We set out to get an edgy light. We used big flash, we used a beauty dish and we also use an LED light to get different looks. I took a number of creative liberties with the color grading going a bit cinematic on several images. Risking a little incoherence between the images, I simply wanted to experiment. They really weren’t created as a set, each image should be able to stand on its own.

A big thanks to Nina Akana and Stormy Johnson for doing a great job providing the modelling talent.  Tammie Delfs rocked the hair and makeup giving these girls an edgy look that would have fallen flat if you weren’t involved. Photographers Alexis LeClair and Jamie Muir made it fun collaborating with me to achieve the final look and get access to this site.

Shot this through a prism

Nina rocking the runway strut.

Nina and Stormy had solid chemistry.

Gotta get low sometimes.

The sun just dipped below the horizon.

Rocking the LED to create strong shapes and shadows.
Nina did an excellent serious.

Nina made modelling look easy.

I’m already here looking forward to the next one. Are you interested in modelling for me?