Nikon Z6 XQD Memory Card Slot

Can you trust the single card slot on the Nikon Z6?

The photography community as a whole is filled with complainers. People who, I think, enjoy getting angry and telling the world how angry they are. Are they right about the new Nikon Z6/Z7 cameras being relegated to the hands of amateurs because they only have a single XQD memory card slot? ⌚1:35

Today Adobe announced they are dropping support for older versions of Windows and MacOS in future releases for Photoshop, Lightroom, Camera RAW and Bridge. So naturally, outrage. Nothing is going to happen all the current versions available today, only future releases. ⌚7:17

Susan cancels her wedding and breaks up with her fiance because their guests wouldn’t pay $1500 each to attend her wedding? Read more about this wedding cancellation. ⌚10:27

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