The Clikapudi Trail Races 2019 – 5K/10K/13.1

Shoot a race is always a bittersweet endeavor. My default preference would be to run the race. Hands down. On the other side, I love being involved in the running community where I get to tell the stories of other athletes. The fulfillment nears actually running the race.

On January first, new years day, Ryan Spits puts on the Clikapudi Trail Runs. You can choose 5k, 10k or 13.1 on beautiful single track that follows the shoreline of Shasta Lake. It was cold and windy, but it was dry and the dirt was in great shape for a fast race. Molly Schmelzle from Ashland smashed the women’s course record in the half. She brought it down over 2 minutes to 1:44:44. Brian Janes from Redding got a seat on the all-time top 10 in the sixth spot with his winning time of 1:33:18.

It was windy which made the aerial shots difficult. It forced me to fly at higher altitudes to maintain a bigger margin for error. The Phantom 4 Pro delivered super smooth shots and landed safely. The rest of the footage was shot on my GoPro Hero6 Black. For the chase scenes, I ran with the Karma gimbal and got great results despite my terrible job keeping it smooth. My technique will definitely improve for the next one.

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