Do you have to shoot on manual to be a pro?

Do you have to shoot on Manual to be a pro?

I heard a popular photographer (who will remain nameless) say that pro photographers should all be shooting Manual. Like 100% of the time.  It rubbed me the wrong way because who is this guy to tell me how to set up my camera on photoshoots? Why does it even matter to him? To be fair, he was trying to encourage people to break their full Auto addictions and learn to shoot on Manual, but it just came off as persnickety arrogance.

I completely agree that if you’re stuck shooting on Auto, you need to learn how to shoot on Manual. As a pro you should understand exposure and the relationship shutter speed, aperture and ISO all have with one another. However, knowing when to use other semi-automatic modes like Aperture Priority is another skill a pro should have. Your camera is an incredible tool

In today’s show, I discuss the nuance around choosing when to shoot on manual. Spoiler alert, being a pro is not the best reason to shoot on Manual.

In what situations do you shoot manually?

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