Don’t Overlook These Easy-to-Forget Wedding Details

There are always so many moving parts to planning a wedding, so it can be difficult to keep track of the hectic planning process. It’s easy to overlook the little details that make a big impact when all of the “big” tasks take up so much time and attention. I’ve listed a few important details you won’t want to go without on your big day!

Emergency Kit

Put together an emergency kit now and you’ll thank yourself later. Include items like mints to get rid of post-dinner breath, travel deodorant to freshen up during all that dancing, band-aids to put over blisters from your heels and floss to keep your smile shining brightly. Other things to consider putting in your emergency kit include travel sized stain removers, any of your daily prescription medications, painkillers in case of headaches, or extra bobby pins and hairspray for loose hair.

Designate a Point Person

Every bride deserves to enjoy her wedding day and take in every moment without worrying about communication with vendors or guests calling with questions. Designate one of your bridesmaids, the maid of honor, a sibling, or even a parent to handle all outside communication before the ceremony and reception. Make it a point to include their phone number on invitations and any communications to guests and vendors leading up to the wedding day.

Bridal “Getting Ready” Outfits

Traditionally, it’s customary for the bride to get her bridal party a gift. Many times, the bride will choose to customize “getting ready” robes that each girl can wear in preparation for the ceremony! Not only can they be used for around the house after the wedding, but they are perfect for group pictures with your best gals.

Choose a signature perfume

Pick out a completely new perfume a couple months prior to the wedding and wear it during wedding-related events and weeks leading up to the nuptials. The sense of smell is closely linked to memory. Whenever you smell that bottle of perfume after the wedding, you’ll be brought back to all of the memories and visions of the best day ever!

Start Personal Care Early

Take care of your biggest beauty concerns early. If the added stress of wedding planning is causing your skin to break out, consider starting a skincare routine with a high-quality acne treatment. Additionally, stress can cause excessive hair fall and thinning. If hair loss is a concern, consider starting a daily multivitamin with biotin.

Start a Private Facebook Group

Most couples are creating wedding websites through platforms like The Knot, but it may also be helpful to create a closed Facebook group and include all of your guests. This way, you can make updates and notes in real time to all of your guests and they will get a notification whenever you post in the group instead of hoping they check the wedding site periodically for updates. After the wedding, the Facebook group is a great place for guests to share the photos they took on their phones!

Don’t let “wedding brain” overlook the small details that are easy to forget. Of course, it’s up to you to decide which details are important to incorporate because costs always add up quick. Take yourself on a much-needed coffee date to think about the small details that matter the most. Though they aren’t serious essentials like finding a venue or booking a photographer, these small details can really make a difference!

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2 years ago

When my mother was a wedding planner at her church, one thing she always told the wedding party was to get haircuts at least two weeks before the wedding, never closer. The cut needs to grow out a bit to look the best. This is especially true for the shorter cuts on men.

Adam Axford
1 year ago

This article contains very good information. I enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks for sharing such useful piece of information.