How to schedule a wedding

The Eric Leslie Show is Live

I’m super excited to finally get Episode 1 out into the wild. I’ve been shaping my ideas about a podcast for a couple years now. I actually named one, recorded an episode and then never published it because it wasn’t perfect. I was caught up in this creativity-destroying notion that it had to be amazing. That it had to be perfect. I didn’t have a good mic, my voice sounded terrible, I couldn’t articulate my thoughts well, etc.

Pushing through all of that, I have ideas and knowledge to share. So I’m throwing perfection out the window and going for it.

It’s still in the submission stage, but you should be able to listen to the podcast in your favorite app including iTunes, Google Podcasts and Spotify

The Perfect Wedding Schedule // 001

I loved the last blog post I wrote about how to lay out the Perfect Wedding Schedule so much so that I wanted to talk about it too. Please give it a listen and I would love to hear your thoughts. It means everything to me!

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