Genki Hagata Launches Creators Offline at 368

With a simple mantra, “Make Something Everyday”, Genki Hagata has stumbled onto a problem creators have. There’s a general lack of community for creators. People they can actually sit down over coffee and brainstorm with. People they can simply relate to. With a background in design and front-end web development, he literally fell into a brilliant daily vlog. Living in Oakland, the creative community there was nowhere to be found and he felt alone. He lacked in-person connections with like-minded people. So the idea to create a micro-conference the merges the structure of big conferences together with less structured meet-ups was born.

So he started to assemble the idea by teaming up with Casey Neistat‘s 368 in New York. There the idea blossomed into an interesting panel of keynote speakers from diverse creative backgrounds and a sell out event. Genki, rolling with that momentum into 2019 is planning more Creators Offline events around the country.

Hope on over to the Creators Offline website where you can sign up for the newsletter and you’ll be notified about upcoming conferences.

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