So you’re engaged and you’re looking for the perfect venue for your wedding and reception, how do you choose? There are so many factors like price, the amenities and availability. So lets break things down and see if Gover Ranch is what you’re looking for?

The biggest thing on your mind when choosing a wedding venue are the amenities. Lets go through them in order as you would go through your wedding day. If I had to choose one word to describe Gover Ranch, it would be gardens. Gardens, gardens, and more gardens! When you first step onto the grounds you instantly notice all the beautiful and perfectly manicured flowers, trees and lawns. You’re wedding day can be stressful and being surrounded by so much natural beauty really curbs negativity leaving you feeling pumped to face the day.

Getting Ready

They have two separate 4-bedroom houses to get ready in. The main Ranch Estate House which houses the Bridal Suite is spacious and elegantly furnished. I can’t stress how important having plenty of room plays into getting the bride and her bridesmaids dressed. Other venues have a single room and it can get crowded very easily with all the dresses, hair and makeup getting done. Having a big clutter free environment makes getting classy photos of the bride getting ready easier.

For the guys there the completely separate and equally spacious 4-bedroom Garden Cottage. I know, I had the same first thought, why would the dudes getting ready in some place named so girly? I can assure you it’s pretty sweet. It’s got big refrigerator to keep the drinks cold, a big TV to play video games on and a big deck out back to chill on while you’re waiting for things to get going.

Both houses are spaced adequately apart so there’s little chance of accidentally seeing the bride before she walks down the aisle.


Bride getting into her dress
Groom getting ready

The Ceremony

The grounds are setup with options in mind. There is the main gazebo that is primarily used for the altar, but you aren’t forced to. You can setup in any number of other large grassy areas that have their own unique feel to suite your needs. This is especially useful for those that want to put their personal touch on the day and have a wedding set apart from the majority of those that are held at the gazebo.

Most of the 3 acre facility is completely shaded which is a must here in northern California. When your guests arrive on time and find their seats, they won’t have to worry about getting a sunburn while they mingle. I cannot emphasize how important this detail is. I’ve been to weddings with full sun in 115 degree heat where everyone is sweating bullets and quite honestly, are pretty cranky!

The Gover Ranch ceremony gazebo
Just married
The gardens surrounding the gover ranch ceremony


Just like the ceremony, the reception has options too. They have a stone catering area including an outdoor brick oven. Nearby there is a terraced dance pavilion. You can set up the dinner seating at either location. I really love the dedicated dance pavilion set under the terraces. At other more typical banquet halls, they merely set up a dance floor in one area of the room and everyone is bombarded with the music making it hard to hold conversations. Here you can move back and forth between getting your groove on and exchanging hugs and stories with friends and family you haven’t seen for years.

The Photography

There are numerous photo opportunities almost everywhere. The gardens are immaculate and numerous. There are paths that serendipitously go through rose gardens, under ivy arches and into “hidden” gazebos. The shade that was so important to the guests is also a boon for the photographer too. With very tall Cottonwood trees dotted across the ranch, you can find great light to shoot no matter the time of day.

It being an actual working ranch, there are other more western type photo ops. There is the infamous white barn adorning the Gover name that you have to get photos in front of. You can find white fences, classic cars, grassy pasture and and an orchard. There are literally hundreds of photo opportunities at your fingertips. Use all of them!

Final Words

The only thing negative thing I could possibly think of is the walking distance to the bathrooms. I suppose you could look at it as good thing to give people more privacy when using them, but they are a bit of a stroll from the main gazebo and dance pavilion.

The staff were great. They were friendly and professional ensuring the wedding ran smoothly. All the facilities were clean and in great condition. While Gover Ranch doesn’t try to compete on price with the other venues around Redding, they offer excellent value for the money. Very few venues compare and that’s why Gover Ranch stands tall as the premier wedding venue for the Redding area.

Check out Gover Ranch’s Website for more information.