What can I say. I'm not really a guy who gets really emotional, but seeing these two get married has really put a lump in my throat. It was a beautiful day.Here is a teaser I put together to help tide you over while I finish the full-length film. I couldn't have done it without Dianna Sanders on point taking photos. She made my job easy. Gover Ranch Wedding & Events was beautiful with the spring blooms and Bree was super sweet helping me find people. Bud's Jolly Kone served up some amazing Tri-tip. I love how they sliced it thin. Spencer Dodero made Morgan look stunning! Jon at Netsound kept the beats going all night!

Posted by Eric Leslie on Monday, April 1, 2019

Morgan & RJs Wedding Film Teaser

RJ and Morgan got married at Gover Ranch last Saturday and it was just perfect. The rainy weather stopped for the weekend and we had perfect weather for their outdoor garden wedding.

Check out the teaser and like my page to get notified to the release of the full film down the road.


This was my first hands-on experience shooting with the Nikon Z6. I have a lot of thoughts that I’m going to share in a bigger post, but for now, know this. It’s fantastic. I shot this wedding using EOSHD’s “Z-Log” picture profile recording internally. That offered me a big dynamic range to work with and it was a snap to color grade.

I shot about 100GBs of footage which was more than manageable. I had 6 batteries on hand and I used 3, swapping when I had a break in shooting. Not when the batteries died. For example. I used one battery for the entire morning shooting the getting ready. I swapped before the ceremony and then again at the reception. So I was very pleased with the battery life.

I probably need more time to explore the various autofocus settings, but I found it very intuitive and accurate after I made some changes to affect the focus sensitivity and speed. I left it on face detect which worked great when there were faces. Other times I would tap on my subject and it would lock on that for the duration of the clip. I only missed the focus a handful of times and I was able to do an extra take.

I have much more to say, but so far, it’s a great system for filmmakers!

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