Gwen Edwardson // Redding Wedding Planner

Gwen is the sweetest lady you’ll ever meet. She has a servants heart and she has a modern eye for details. When we first worked together, I was just blown away by how well she took care of me. I felt like she really cared about my needs making sure I was fed and had plenty to drink. As you will learn in our chat, she comes to treat her wedding clients (and vendors) like family.

She can help point out-of-town brides towards the best vendors or coordinate everything from the design, booking vendors and keeping the schedule. Gwen has three main focuses:

  1. Completely stressfree
  2. Save the couple money
  3. Provide a team on the day of the wedding

If all she did was eliminate stress she’d be worth her weight in gold. Period.

So, it never really occurred to me that she can actually save you money by helping negotiate with vendors she’s established relationships with and also by having a big collection of wedding decorations you can rent rather than buy. Then having a team of people to set up and break down the wedding is fantastic so your family and friends can enjoy this special day rather than having to work. Stress cannot be Photoshopped away.

Gwen was vacationing in Hawaii at the time of this interview and she took the time to share with us, so let her know you appreciate it.

You can find her on her website and you can call her: 530-941-5171

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