Is Lightroom Faster?

I’ve been busy wrapping up the year. Finishing up weddings, closing out some long standing projects and making plans for 2019. Knowing I’ll regret it a year from now, I’m setting some big plans into motion. 

Today I talked about the vlog and getting it started back up. It’s going to be more true to who I am and should be a come-up story that tons of photographers will be able to relate to. 

If you want to share sneak peaks from your shoots. Like fast, check out Nikon’s Snapbridge app. As I have it configured, it automatically downloads 2mp copies of every picture. I can pop it into Google Photos, do a simple edit and share it before I even start the car and drive home. I can’t emphasize this enough, the clients love it!

The December 2019 update for Lightroom is here and with it comes the ability to customize the order of the tools in the Develop Panel. Yes! They’ve also promised speed boosts in a couple situations. You’ll have to listen in to find if it’s actually faster for me.


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