Mandie ❤ Tyler Wedding // Oak Run Wedding

Just when you think you’ve shot 100+ weddings and you’ve seen it all, something new pleasantly surprises you. See Tyler and Mandie are both into cars in a major way. So their wedding basically included a little car show. Mandie rocked a beautiful gold wedding gown which was just stunning in the sunlight. The gold complimented their matching maroon Vans perfectly.

They exchanged their vows in the Oak Run (west of Redding) countryside with a touch of fall color shedding a beautiful warm light over the whole evening. Their story was a classic love at first sight story and their love and passion for each other was palpable.

The evening ended with all the normal festivities you’d expect, but then the engines started firing. A few did donuts in the parking area, but the grand finale was the rubber spitting burn out in the Chevelle right at sunset!

Getting Ready

First Looks

Wedding Ceremony

The Reception

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