Z6 Filmmakers Kit

The Nikon Z6 is Getting ProRes RAW 4K Video

Nikon has always been way behind the curve when it came to video. It wasn’t until the last few years when the video quality was on par with its competitors, but the autofocus was a joke and they didn’t have a LOG profile. You were forced to use their “Flat” picture profile which isn’t terrible, but it still feels like they weren’t taking video seriously.

In steps the Z6 and Z7 full-frame mirrorless line that looks like it’s solved those problems. It’s got real, useable, autofocus and you can record externally using the new N-Log picture profile and 10-bit! Now Nikon has announced a big new firmware update that is bringing full RAW video support via HDMI to the Atomos Ninja V. This also explains Nikon’s Z6 Filmmakers Kit that went on sale that includes the Ninja V as well as other accessories.

This is a first for any full-frame mirrorless camera. Previously you had to step up to more expensive cinema cameras which are considerably more expensive. This is really cool news to have Nikon getting here before Sony and Canon. The only big caveat left is ProRes RAW. It’s currently supported in Final Cut X on Macs. Premiere doesn’t support it so a big segment of the market can’t touch this yet. Premiere recently added support for ProRes exporting, so I have my fingers crossed that ProRes RAW will be here before long.

The firmware also brings eyeAF. As its name implies, it will lock on to eyes to track focus helping creators keep their subjects in perfect focus. Awesome!

No dates have been specified for the release of this firmware.

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