Oliver Asis Interview

As a recovering perfectionist, the idea of publishing something that’s less than perfect usually keeps up at night. I’ve been trying to work on this new idea that speed is much more important than perfection. Getting content out regularly is key. So as I’m iterating quickly with the show using new technology and learning how to produce audio mistakes will be made.

We had a heck of a time getting a stable connection and there was a bunch of noise on the line. So hang tough, grab something cold to drink and enjoy the delightful conversation I had with Oliver.

So he’s a wedding and travel photographer based in San Diego, CA. He’s got a really down to earth approach to his photography and business that I think many of you will relate to.

Next week he’s launching a brand new podcast of his own called “The Better Photographer”. His mission is to create a safe environment for people who want to learn photography and get better. Please go sub it up next week.

Twitter: @olasis
Instagram: @oliver_asis

Some of Oliver’s Work

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