Random Photographer’s Website Critique

Can I get a show of hands, how many photographers have websites?

Okay, okay. How many of you photographers with websites are web developers/designers?

Probably fewer still. So let’s talk about how to make your website better by critiquing a random photographer’s website “live” on video. I literally picked Reno, Nevada out of my head and searched for “Reno photographer”. I skipped the Maps listings and all the ads. I looked past the directory sites like Wedding Wire and choose the first organic listing in the results.

I found Jeramie Lu’s website and just reacted with my thoughts as I browsed it.

Website Critique Quick-takes

  • Photographers can tend to get kind of fancy about the way their photos are consumed. They want the photos to look their best. Who wouldn’t? However, there is a line you need to ride between optimizing the images to load fast on the web and still have them look great. I just checked my personal website analytics and my traffic is about 50/50 mobile and desktop. So over half of my traffic is viewing my work on a small screen so those fine details aren’t discernible. More so, dropping a jpg down from 90 to 70 will halve the file size and the quality change will be hard to see. Make your website fast.
  • Useless text on your homepage. When people are shopping around, they want to see the product up front. If they like what they see they’ll dig deeper and will be willing to read more after that initial yes or no question they answer on the first-page load.
  • Make sure your portfolios are cohesive. Fashion photos shouldn’t go on your commercial page, just like you wouldn’t put wedding photos on the commercial page. Make sure it’s all your very best work and show lots of variety. Don’t fill it with your B and C work just to fill it out. If you only have a few A images, get out there and create them. Faking it until you make it will fall apart at some point.

Please go show Jeramie some love and appreciation. He’s a fantastic photographer and his Insta and Youtube is poppin’!

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Eric Leslie
Eric Leslie
2 years ago

So what do you think, should I find the next photographer in a small or big city? Maybe even your city :D