June days in Red Bluff can usually be characterized by hot and cloudless days. It’s a pretty safe bet in fact. So I never batted an eye upon hearing Kensie’s plans for an outdoor wedding in June. Fast forward to the morning of and everyone is talking about a thunderstorm that could drop a full inch of rain. Scratching my head, there was no wind or clouds anywhere to be seen. I remained doubtful it would happen, but I still tucked that bit of information away.

The only thing I can really do is make sure we stay on schedule and get all the photos the couple expects. Thankfully, everything flowed well and  we got most of the formals done before the wedding ceremony because they did a First Look. As it were, the weatherman was right and that thunderstorm arrived around 8 pm right as the reception was hitting its cadence. The rain started to pour and the festivities got cut short. The sparklers were lit and Kensie and Cameron were sent off into the evening. Nothing but net!

Their First Look

The Wedding Ceremony

Groom sees his bride

The bride coming down the isle

The kiss

Wedding Reception

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