Book Your Real Estate Clients Fast and Easy – Rudy Lopez Explains

Rudy Lopez has been shooting real estate photos for 15 years in the Denver and now Seatle areas. He’s learned a buttery smooth system over the years to make books as frictionless as possible. Selling a house has a lot of moving parts and by giving realtors access to a webpage where they can choose a time slot, a package and book him all in a matter of minutes is a tremendous value. On top of all that he guarantees 24hr turn around times so they get their photos fast! He’s teamed up with You Can Book Me that integrates with his calendar and shows clients real-time availability. Clients and choose the service they want at the time they need all without having to pick up the phone to call Rudy. In an industry where speed and ease are just as important as the photos themselves, Rudy has nailed down a winning formula.

We went pretty deep talking about the business side of real estate photography. If you’ve been thinking about jumping into this competitive market, come listen to what Rudy has perfected from years of trial and error.

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