Senior Prom {Kathy + Fabian RBHS}

Epic senior prom session at golden hour

Senior prom is here and I got the pleasure of spending some time before the dance with Kathy and Fabian. They’re attending the Red Bluff High School senior prom. We went down to Ide Adobe to get some of the late golden light. Though a little shy, they were super cute.

They wanted to incorporate their car into a few shots too, so we went up the hill to “top of the world’ were we got a few more just before the sun set. I love it when we get in incorporate important personal affects like their car.

The light was great and the session was a big success. Thanks guys!

Got a Sun Star before the sun went behind the hills.

Ide Adobe split rail fence

cute prom pose

Lit with two lights, prom at 'top of the world'

I love that they included their car.

Golden hour is intense in summer

The late summer glow