Stop Pushing a “First Look” on Brides

Traditionally a bride and groom don’t see each other at all on their wedding day until that moment when the bride comes walking down the isle. All that planning and prep ends in that climax where it all comes together and you’re getting married. It’s emotional. It’s amazing!

More recently, it’s become popular to do what’s called a “First Look”. Basically, the couple will have a private moment before the wedding to see each other and relax a bit. Mainly it’s done to free up the schedule so you don’t have to do the bulk of the photos between the end of the ceremony and reception. It’s a courtesy to the guests. Depending on the wedding this can really drop the stress down and help keep the day flowing nicely.

The problems is that many couples still want to keep it traditional and they feel like they’ll miss out on photo opportunities and it will be stressful if they don’t do it. Largely in part because their photographer will emphasize these points during the consult. It’s okay to lay out the options for them and let them choose, but I don’t think it’s okay to be pushy about it.

If a couple wants to be traditional, they can still have a fantastic stress free day and they will still get all the photos they paid for. That is, if the photographer can manage a tighter schedule and sheild that stress from their couple. See, I think it’s super possible to stay traditional, set and keep a schedule and still have a stress free day. In fact, I do it every single weekend.

In this podcast I discuss this trend to push brides into First Looks and more.

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