The Best Places to Shoot in Red Bluff

It’s a pretty common question I get from portrait clients. Where should we go? They want it to be beautiful, they want it to be unique and they want it to be memorable. To help you spark some ideas, here is a list of ideas for shooting around the Red Bluff area.


Ide Adobe

Hands down, the go to place in Red Bluff is William B. Ide Adobe State Park. It has really cool old buildings. It’s green year round and the landscaping is always maintained. The Sacramento River is there and in the Autumn, the fall color is breath taking. Don’t forget to pay the day use fee.


Dog Island Park

This park is also located along the Sacramento River with green grass and paths through nature that make for a great setting. There is a cool arching footbridge. The fall color here is also very nice. Do be on the look out for disc golfers and vagrants that like to camp out in the wooded areas.


Downtown Red Bluff

If you’d like a more urban feel, just take a walk downtown and look around. There are textures and cool settings all over the place. You can find brick and corrugated tin walls. There are alleyways and old western store fronts. You can use the steps of the court house. The park at Kimball Plaza is green all year with amazing fall color. I find that my clients rarely think of using this area because don’t realize how fun these grungy urban settings can be.


Red Bluff Recreation Area and Discovery Center

There are opportunities all over the place here. In the Spring, the Discovery Center has beautiful gardens in full bloom. There is access to the river with abundant green grass and big shade trees. Thank you Jeny Crews for allowing me to use your photo for this example.


Battle Creek Bridge

Where Jelly’s Ferry Road crosses Battle Creek remains the old historic 1911 bridge that originally crossed Battle Creek. The old steel trestles make for a very cool setting and it’s completely safe because it’s closed to vehicles. If you would also like a more natural setting, you can head down below to the creek where it’s green along the water.


Paynes Creek Recreation Area – The Bend

This is a big area with grassy rolling hills and oak trees. You can bring horses out here and the sky is the limit. There are two ponds if you’re looking for water. In the wet months there are big wetland areas that fill up with birds and cat tails. There is also access to a more unique area of the Sacramento River having volcanic rock spires and cliffs.


Child’s Meadow

If you’re feeling adventurous, head up the hill towards Lassen and stop at Child’s Meadow. When the valley heat is strong, you can get some relief and it stays greener longer at this elevation. Big views of Lassen with split rail fences, the meadow and plenty of pine trees. It’s sure to get everyone excited and you’ll go home with some one of a kind images.


Spring Orchard Blossoms

Now this one is going to take permission for you to get access to an orchard. Luckily, if you shoot with me, I have have access. This has a short 3-4 week window in March. With careful scheduling, everyone can get a chance. The images speak for themselves.


Final Thoughts

My goal here is to inspire you to think outside the box and get creative. Put some effort in and get yourself out to some more remote locations. The harder you work for them, the greater the reward. This list is just hitting on the high points. I’ve shot in countless other places, many of them with special permission or we had to hike a bit to get out there. Think big! You won’t be sorry.