This isn't easy, but it's the right thing to do.

2017 was one of my best years in photography and it was also my worst because I screwed up a lot of things. Like, a lot. Those mistakes all led to 2018 where I barely scraped by and I'm tired of sitting here waiting for bookings to roll in.Yes, my calendar is bare. I want to change that. So I'm slashing my prices! My portraits (and related products) are all 50% off. Yep, that's not a typo. Weddings have been cut 40%. The quality and the products are all staying the same. I'm just going to work my tail off for you guys and earn your business back. If you know someone who has a high school senior, needs family portraits or a couple that's engaged and still searching for a photographer. Please send them this video. It would mean the world to me and my family.

Posted by Eric Leslie on Friday, January 4, 2019

Huge Wedding and Portrait Sale

Let’s sit down and have a little heart to heart! ❤

Back in 2017, I made a bunch of business mistakes that led to a pretty rough 2018 for me. My family and I barely scraped by so it’s time to make some big changes to get things back on track.

Today I’m announcing some big price cuts! Huge. All of my portraits and their corresponding products are 50% off. All of my wedding packages are 40% off.

I’m not setting an end date on this sale. I’m looking to get my calendar filled and I’m going to be working my tail off to earn your business again. It’s the same great quality service and products. Nothing is changing except the price.

It would mean the world to me if you’d pass this offer on to anyone that’s been looking for photos and maybe couldn’t afford it before. If someone’s getting married and their budget is tight, this is a huge opportunity for them.

Jump over to the portrait page or the wedding page to see some of my work and then shoot me an email ( or text me at 530-727-8020 with any questions.

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